Stuff We Love

We love our jobs, and we love tasting the food and sweets that come from our kitchen at Susan’s. Here are a few of our favorite things:

Susan’s Healthy Gourmet Kids’ Meals – Susan’s Backpack Lunches, Busy Bee Dinners and LadybuG Snacks and Desserts are just the right size for little ones and are healthier versions of favorites kids will actually eat! (And we’ve been known to munch on these meals ourselves, too.)

Kerry’s Picks: Chicken ravioli with creamy sage marinara, pepperoni pizza with wheat crust, and the fresh fruit appetizer. Baby G’s (the Noggin’s little brother) favorite is the meatloaf!
Carissa’s Picks: Turkey and provolone stacks for lunch and the chicken ravioli for dinner. The Penguin loves SHG meals!

Xan Confections – Being around chocolate everyday isn’t a bad thing. Kerry admits she isn’t a chocolate lover; she’d rather leave all the taste-testing to the rest of us (happy to oblige!). But both of us like that Xan makes both super indulgent sweets and health conscious chocolates.. something for everyone!

Kerry’s Picks: The almond toffee and the BigMouths.
Carissa’s Picks: Dark chocolate marshmallows, raspberry Saintly Sin and the Fleur de Sel.

One of the great things about being a mom is trying lots of different products and finding our favorites. Some of our top picks include:

More of Kerry’s Picks

Carseat: Britax Decathalon

Clothes: Nordstrom

Furniture, baskets, curtains, bedding: Pottery Barn Kids

Baby items: bouncy, floor mat and anything themed:  I always get the Rainforest stuff. My kids love it.

Diapers: Huggies. Used to use Pampers before their controversial CYA attitude on their new Cruisers that were causing burn on the babies. Because of how they handled that as a company, I will never use Pampers again.

Wash/Shampoo: Johnson and Johnson lavender nightime

Jar Food: Earth’s Best. I am too lazy to make food myself and their food is organic and they have tons of flavors

Formula after Breastfeeding: Nestle Good Start

Stroller: We bought the Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller (don’t know which double stroller to buy yet – any suggestions?)

Snacks: Goldfish, bananas, crackers, grapes, watermelon, graham crackers

Pack N Plays or swings: I read the safety reviews. Graco PNP and Sweetpeace for the swing, but my boys didn’t like it that much.

More of Carissa’s Picks:

Clothes: I like Macy’s, Target and random baby boutiques I run into. One of the best places to find pajamas is Costco!

Furniture, baskets, curtains, bedding: Pottery Barn Kids, Home Goods and Target

Baby items: bouncy, floor mat and anything themed: I also always get the Rainforest stuff.

Diapers: Huggies

Wipes: Huggies

Wash/Shampoo: Johnson and Johnson bubble bath, it’s the blue bottle. For lotion I used J&J’s Nighttime lavender and J&J’s original lotion for daytime.

Jar Food: Earth’s Best.

Baby Food/ Toddler food cookbooks: Books and recipes by Annabel Karmel are my favorite.

Formula after Breastfeeding: I used Similac Advanced for Blake but I think I will research another for the next.

Stroller: Chicco

Snacks: All fruits, Gerber snacks, Earth’s Best snacks, Stonyfield Farm yogurt, string cheese and raisins.

Pack N Plays or swings: I also read the safety reviews. I have a Graco PNP and Blake didn’t care for the swing so we skipped that.


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