The Home Stretch

Kerry and I are only weeks away from meeting our little girls and we absolutely can’t wait!! Lucky for us we are busy at work so it keeps us busy and helps the time pass a bit quicker 🙂



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Did I mention we were busy…

My apologies to our readers for our absence since the holidays!! I don’t think either of us ever mentioned that this is our busiest time of the year!

I have been swamped at work but it has been “good” swamped, so much is going on. We just released our new 2011 Susan’s Healthy Gourmet menu and we couldn’t be more excited. As the nutritionist, I get to play a big role in the planning and development of the new menu. This is always my favorite time because it’s when I can be the most creative in my job. We have been working all year with our chefs to create new healthy and delicious entrees and we are always proud when one makes it on to the new menu for our customers to enjoy.

There have also been many changes in our sister company LifeSpring Nutrition, which provides healthy frozen meals for boomers plus. I just started managing the customer service staff and I have had to focus a lot of time on training. They too just released a new 2011 menu and it offers so many new healthy dishes that blow your typical frozen meal out of the water.  🙂

But not only have I been busy at work, I have been busy at home too! I am entering my 34th week of pregnancy and man am I feeling it! I am much bigger and all I can think about is my baby girl arriving early, haha! I have been busy nesting and getting her room ready as well as doing lots of shopping. Blake is still in his terrible twos and he somehow managed to start sleeping in our bed full-time.

Although, I am right in the thick of things I will try my very best to keep you updated and keep on blogging, it’s always a nice break from the madness!


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Busybee Dinners

The second Jax could start eating solids I seriously started to stress. I am just not one of those moms who grows her own vegetables and makes organic, from scratch meals. Actually, I am not even one of those women who makes meals. While other moms are sharing recipes, I am thinking about how we can make better use of the 5-7 p.m. time we have with our kids (this week we went to the park when it was all dark outside and to the Counter for burgers).

Lucky for me, I work for and am part owner of a fresh food delivery service that has kids’ meals, Susan’s Healthy Gourmet. I kid you not and I am not just saying this because it’s my family company, I do not know what I would do without our twice weekly deliveries.

One time, and let me tell you this only happened once, I forgot to order our meals for Jax. Now like a good mother, I had bought some “back up” meals at the store just in case something like this happened. Up to this point Jax had been used to fresh fruit, bright green veggies and fresh meats. We rarely feed our kids junk food or high in sodium or sugary things. So I go to feed him this off-the-shelf dinner (I don’t want to say the brand because I don’t want to be rude BUT it was a well known brand and I am sure if you went to the baby section and saw shelf-ready meals you could figure it out) and as I open it, smell it and look at it, I say to him, “Jax I am really sorry honey.” (The peas were yellow. Ew.)

So, I deliver the meal to my child in his highchair. He looks at the food. I turn around to go back into the kitchen. I hear a “Plop. Plop. Bloop.” I turn back around and he has dumped his entire meal on the floor and then sees me and drops the plate too. Needless to say my husband and I have not since forgotten to order our Susan’s Healthy Kids meals. A usual order for us is: fresh fruit bowls, ravioli with peas and apples, turkey noodle bake with butternut squash and snow peas, meatloaf with potatoes and broccoli and pizza with celery, carrots and applesauce.

– Kerry

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If you get married, marry a good man who loves you

First off, I woke up this morning in a funk. I just felt down, which never happens to me unless I am pregnant with a female in my womb. I felt like I just wasn’t doing enough and what I was doing I was falling short, in almost everything. I won’t even go down the list with you because it’s kind of embarrassing and I am over it now, but even the surprise gift left at my doorstep full of tutu clothes and pink slippers didn’t make me feel better.

Normally, I would just clam up and say nothing and try to get through it, but this morning my hubby asked me what was wrong and I told him…every little detail…of how I was feeling. And for every silly feeling-less-than story I spewed out, he told me how wonderful I was and how happy our boys were and you know what? He actually got me out of my funk! So ladies, make sure you talk to your spouse even when you know they can’t relate. At minimum, it will help them know it’s not about them and give them information on how to tread that particular day and at most they could actually make you feel better.  🙂

– Kerry

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“Night night KK”

My 2 ½-year-old Jax kisses his baby sister (in belly) every night before bed and says, “Night night KK (her name is Kenady)”. Last night he was especially concerned that she was getting lonely in the belly all by herself. He wanted to snuggle her through the night, but well…there was a barrier in the way. So he thought the next best thing would be for her to sleep with stickers on her “home” that he put on there. Of course I had to wait until he went to sleep to take them off  🙂

– Kerry

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Holiday Success

This year was the first year my husband and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house with both of our families together. It went even better than planned. I was a bit nervous because our traditions were so different and I really wanted to merge them together to make sure everyone was happy. I made sure to get a bigger bird than usual and to get it in on time so that we would have free kitchen space for everyone to finish preparing their dishes — and so that we wouldn’t have a house full of hungry people!

We had football going all day and even a poker game to spice things up for the men in our families. The ladies, we just hung out in the kitchen and played with the little ones all day. When everything was finished I asked my husband to put all the side dishes and the plated turkey on the table so that I could take a picture. It was so beautiful and I was quite proud! The table was covered with food from two family’s traditions. We had two stuffings, one oyster and one herb; we had two gravies, one brown and one red; and we also had yams, green bean casserole, brussels sprouts, sautéed mushrooms, homemade cranberry sauce, rolls and mashed potatoes. Everyone’s plates were full and it was just so good to share this day with the people we love the most. We all tried a bit of everything and really understood why these traditions lasted for so long in each of our families.

We ended the night with board games and dessert, it was fun and filling. Growing up, my family always had a big Thanksgiving with lots of family and when we moved away from where our extended family was it was a difficult adjustment; it was too quiet. This year it was nice for both my husband and I, who desire to have a big family, look down a long crowded table and enjoy the meal with lots of talking and laughing involved. I can only hope that the table will continue to grow through the years and that I will have the pleasure of hosting many more Thanksgiving dinners.

Oh yeah, Blake loved his Thanksgiving dinner and so did his soon-to-be sister 🙂


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End of the Day

When I think about the hardest times I have had being a mom I have to say that they have always been at the day of a work day. Blake is currently at a daycare close to home but it’s about 35 minutes from my work, which makes the commute home pretty stressful and leaves no time to waste.

This past Friday I was stressed and frustrated. I had a lot to complete at work and no time to do it. I would have loved to have stayed longer at work but my husband gets out later and is unable to pick Blake up from school so I don’t have that “luxury.” I was frustrated that I couldn’t stay and left late…not the best way to leave.

I got to Blake on time but he was the last one there and for some reason that kills me. He was happy as a clam to see me and that, as always, made my day. Now here is the part where I wish I could understand the mind of a two-year-old —  there are these pictures up on the wall at school and every night before we go home we stop and look at them and he points out his friends and teachers, he loves it. Well, Friday all the teachers were following us out and I told him that we would look at the pictures on Monday because everyone was going home. He was NOT okay with this! By the time we got to the car he was so worked up and pissed that he would not get in his car seat. I tried everything to get him to sit, everything, but he refused. I got the top straps buckled and he just slouched the rest of his body in protest. I asked nicely and I asked in a stern tone but nothing worked. I was so frustrated (and pregnant) that finally I just broke down in tears…I didn’t know what to do and I just wanted to get home after a long week.

I thought about driving home with him half unbuckled but I couldn’t!! I did however drive to a different spot, one that was better lit and I just parked it, and I figured we would just wait it out. My husband called on his way home and heard in my voice that I was not okay, when I tried explaining what had just occurred and why I was just crying it sounded so lame! He made me feel better anyway.

Blake and I got out and walked around the plaza for a bit and this seemed to help. When I thought he was finally ready I tried getting him in again, it was still a fight but I won this time. He cried the whole way home and I just drove wondering why he was so furious. I will never know.

All I can do is try my hardest to leave work on time so that I am relax and re-energized by the time I get to his daycare so that I can be somewhat prepared to handle my two-year-old child. Oh the joys of being a Mom!

– Carissa

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