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Gym time, continued!

(Check out my first post on gym time!)

I try to get to the gym at least three times a week and stay active the other four days of the week (running behind my two year old and cleaning house). Before this pregnancy I was going on average four days out of the week so if I can get there 2-3 days now I feel like I am in good shape!

The best advice I can offer is listen to your body! If you feel nauseous or tired, rest. Stretching or yoga at home while listening to some relaxing music can be just as beneficial to your body.

I have had to adjust my workouts since I got pregnant. I used to do a lot of the classes my gym offers, they are fun and really get me to include some good strength training. During my first trimester I tried staying in those classes and for the most part I could, but I noticed that my heart rate would get really fast and it just didn’t feel right so started skipping classes. I tried reducing my weight level and that helped for a little but I got to a point were I just knew I had to find something else. So now I just walk 30-45 minutes on the treadmill at a good pace and at a slight incline, I get a little sweat in and my heart rate stays in a good place. After my walk I either do some leg exercises or a few different back and arm exercises. I always get a good stretch in and make sure I hydrate myself the entire time.

I work out because it makes me feel good and I know it is good for my body and my baby. If I don’t feel good I skip it, no guilt attached! My number one job right now is to take care of myself and my baby so that we can both be healthy come delivery day. Honestly, when I was pregnant with Blake I don’t think I went to the gym once – it didn’t feel right. I would come home from work and just nap until dinner time, that’s what felt right then. Now, although I would love to nap I actually feel good enough to head to the gym so I do that instead.

So, again just listen to your body and do what feels right!

– Carissa


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Gym time!

Even before I had a baby I loved being at the gym. It’s my time to unwind and really sweat out any stress that I might be having. I always feel better after I spend some time there so even now that I am pregnant I try my best to keep on my routine because it makes me feel so good!

After I had Blake I struggled with the guilt I felt when I left him for an hour each time. I almost got to a point where I wouldn’t go because I felt like it wasn’t right to be away from him all day while I worked and then to leave him again for another additional hour. Lucky for me I had my level-headed husband, who is very active as well, to talk to in this situation. He told me that I shouldn’t feel guilty about going to the gym. He strongly believes that to be a good parent we have to take care of ourselves because if we don’t the child suffers as well.

We are members of our local YMCA, it’s a beautiful facility, it’s a couple blocks from our house and they have the best child care staff!! So when we go to the gym after work we go as a family and that really works for us. Blake has been going there since he was 6 weeks old, he loves it there and they love having him. He likes going so much now that he brings us our gym shoes every night and tells us that he wants to go to the gym and play with the kids, haha!

– Carissa

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