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Psychic Dreams

My husband is super scientific. I mean he wouldn’t even take a guess at the sex of our babies. Not even a guess? I meant…whaaaat? Who doesn’t guess? He doesn’t. SO….when I tell him each time about the last dream I had that will come true, he pretty much stares at me blankly and walks off.

Before I even met my husband I had a dream that I was sitting on a couch eating popcorn with this 10-ish year old boy. I only saw the back of us. We were watching a movie and snuggling and I was just extraordinarily content and happy.

I knew when we got pregnant with our first. That was him. My snuggler and my heart. My Jaxy.

When I was pregnant with Jax I had a dream about another boy. It looked like he was in a soccer picture. Dark, handsome like his Daddy, and in some sports uniform. I knew it wasn’t my Jax. I knew it was a child that hadn’t even been conceived yet.

George is now 13 months and man is that boy a gymnast daredevil climber! My G Man. No fear that one. And probably going to be my athlete and of course gorgeous like his Daddy.  🙂

When I was pregnant with George I had a dream about a little girl. Now we were only ever having two kids so this was a shock to me when I woke up. She and I were at an artsy-crafty table chatting it up. She had long curly hair like me and she was just brilliant and so fun to talk to. I was thinking in the dream “What a cool little girl!”

I woke up and knew that had been my daughter.

As you know it was difficult to conceive our 1st and never, never in a million years would I have ever believed I would be a mom of three. Also, the “timing”. We should have never gotten pregnant withour 3rd and it for sure should NOT have been a girl.

But alas, we are expecting Kenady Renee in February or March 2011.

I told my husband about all of these dreams as they happened (well the 1st after we got pregnant the 1st time) well before finding out the sex. Do you think my husband believes I am psychic yet?

You are right. NOPE!

– Kerry


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Welcome to My World: Being Kerry for a Day

So my normal day is:

Wake up at 6:30 and take a shower while the boys are still asleep. We brush teeth with the Thomas the Train (aka “Tah”) musical tooth brush and there is usually some crying when I take it away so we can leave. They are eating at a big boy table and chairs for meals now and it is the cutest thing ever. I was OVER the trays and clunkiness of the highchairs.

I take one of them into daycare while my husband takes the other and then we alternate on the way home. I always stop at Starbucks and spend a little time with the one I have, either eating or letting them “help” mommy. We listen to either disco (if it’s Jax in the car) or rap/club music/Lady Gaga (if George is in the car) and then drop them off at daycare where I stay for an additional 15 minutes to chat it up and watch my boy of the morning.

Then twice a week I do Pilates and go into work!

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I am pretty sure we are the lame parents of my children’s daycare. I think we average about a C grade weekly, but that’s only because my boys’ cuteness raises our grade. 🙂

We usually run out of diapers or wipes and have to be reminded, I always forget to sign up to bring in snacks, and we forget more than we remember that it’s show and tell day or “wear that color” day. We have had to be reminded over and over to put socks on their feet because they get SUPER stinky (heehee!). BUT I am also told how polite and caring my child is and what a joy he is to have at their school.

We have Jax at a Montessori and George is moving there in 2 weeks. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their school. They are so good with them and teach them how to express themselves in healthy ways and don’t squish their individuality or spirit.

Jax has a few admirers that follow him around. He is a leader and does what he wants, and the little ladies enjoy watching him and he will run around, pick up some dirt, give them some and then go play some more while they watch. But I was also told when someone gets hurt he holds their hand while they go to the office. He is my heart <3.

– Kerry

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Cravings, Chatterboxes and “Choochoochrains”

My cuties playing with the "choochoochrain" bridge

Ah I forgot to mention I am on my 18th week of pregnancy (a baby girl this time!). This pregnancy is very different than my boys. I am big time zitface and moody, and I can feel my sides stretching weekly. I want meat all the time and have all this extra energy. My poor husband has to deal with my emotional terrorism, but hey, that’s what female hormones do to me and he only has five more months of it 🙂 With my boys I was tired all the time, had beautiful skin, was very even tempered and ate fruits and salads and sweets.

G Man isn’t walking yet (he is 13 mo) but BOY is he talking. His Susu (aka Grandma or Susan from Susan’s Healthy Gourmet) said, “Then I guess it is true you can’t walk and talk at the same time.” I swear my second boy talks more than his older brother who is 15 months older.

This weekend G Man fought back against Jax finally and grabbed the “choochoochrain” bridge from Jax. He said “Mine. Mine. Miiiiiiiiiine!” and held it away from him. Proud of my G!

– Kerry

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