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I am pretty sure we are the lame parents of my children’s daycare. I think we average about a C grade weekly, but that’s only because my boys’ cuteness raises our grade. 🙂

We usually run out of diapers or wipes and have to be reminded, I always forget to sign up to bring in snacks, and we forget more than we remember that it’s show and tell day or “wear that color” day. We have had to be reminded over and over to put socks on their feet because they get SUPER stinky (heehee!). BUT I am also told how polite and caring my child is and what a joy he is to have at their school.

We have Jax at a Montessori and George is moving there in 2 weeks. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their school. They are so good with them and teach them how to express themselves in healthy ways and don’t squish their individuality or spirit.

Jax has a few admirers that follow him around. He is a leader and does what he wants, and the little ladies enjoy watching him and he will run around, pick up some dirt, give them some and then go play some more while they watch. But I was also told when someone gets hurt he holds their hand while they go to the office. He is my heart <3.

– Kerry


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