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When I first got pregnant my SIL (sister–in-law for baby board speak) told me about, so I signed up. They send me weekly updates of where my babies are at based on all my due dates. So for the in-utero baby it will compare them to a fruit or veggie in size and say what’s going on with my body or what part of the baby is developing that week. I still get weekly updates on milestones, etc. for my older boys.

They also have Birth Boards. You join the one of based on when you are due and go through your pregnancy with these ladies. I have to say, although I love them and I get SO much out of them, this IS an online community and it comes with the online community “baggage”. This can be anything from mom-to-be fighting, name calling, locked threads, and of course the “heated debates.” Those are always the same topics and when you see a thread with one of these in the title…BEWARE…drama will be unfolding within that thread.The topics are: circumcising or not, vaccinating or not, natural birth vs. medicated or c/s, BF vs. FF (breast feeding vs. formula feeding), what you put into your body while pregnant or don’t, and FTM vs. SAHM (Full-Time working Mom vs. Stay at Home Mom. I will do a more detailed bloggy later with the details of each of these laid out. It can become quite humorous but also extremely infuriating.

For me personally, the main categories of people who irritate me on the boards are:

• Trolls – obnoxious and lame people with nothing better to do then to create a fake account, join these boards and say offensive things or crazy things. A severe waste of our time, however occasionally entertaining. Sometimes they even scheme money by saying their baby died of SIDS and then someone starts a fund for them. Those people are the scum of the internet; praying on hormotional pregnant ladies or new mothers.

• Know-It-All-Mom – the moms who feel the need to always tell you what is best for YOUR baby. Ugh they drive me nuts.

• The Whiners, Complainers and Attention Seekers – the ladies that complain about everything and post a thread-a-day on their new “pregnancy difficulty”. I think life in general is just harder for these ladies than for the rest of us ;).

• Cross your T’s Moms – the sticks-in-the-mud that take every thread as an opportunity to play the “serious mom” role on the board. They just need to take themselves a lot less seriously and learn to laugh at their humanness.

BUT I have some amazing friends (yes I consider these ladies true friends) from all my boards. From one of them, my original April 08 Board, 14 of us STILL talk daily online – 3 years later! I did not grow up where I live, and I don’t have anyone here in my circle that has little babies, so it’s so valuable for me to have these ladies to walk through this journey with. Healing and understanding comes through relating. I don’t know what I would have done without these ladies. So thank you Babycenter!

– Kerry


September 30, 2010 at 7:28 pm 2 comments

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