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Beautiful helmets for beautiful babies

I am sorry it has been so long since I have posted. My life with three babies has been a whirlwind to say the least. I wanted to put up the contact info of an AMAZING artist who paints helmets for our plagio or brachy babies:

lazardo’s Photos

I used this company for GG’s helmet and his was amazing. The helmet had the Dinosaur Train theme.

We had so much fun with him in the helmet. It made a clinical, depressing time fun and happy for our whole family.

This time, I had Paula, the painter, do a personalized work of art for Kenady. She put each of our family’s birth signs and also painted Sophie the Giraffe and Koi for good luck (which Kenady is) on the helmet. My dream that I had of my KK a year before she was even conceived is now painted out. So seriously if anyone has to helmet….GET PAULA!

–       Kerry


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“Cutest Belly in Socal” contest for moms-to-be

We’re excited that Xan Confections is participating in the search for the “Cutest Belly in SoCal” – an online Facebook contest for moms who want to show off their baby bumps and win fun prizes! We’re no longer pregnant, but would jump right on the chance to win a grand prize, first place or second place gift basket including items such as a one month supply of our CocoPreggers truffles from the new CocoXan line, containing vegetarian life’sDHA and folic acid, important nutrients needed for happy mommies to create healthy babies!

For contest rules and additional information, please visit the Facebook page here.

Don’t forget to “like” Xan Confections or CocoXan on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter @XanConfections and @CocoXan!

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I Can’t Believe I am a Mother of Three!

Sorry it’s been so long everyone! Let’s see….the end of my pregnancy was pretty uncomfortable; back aches, swollen feet/cankles and major hoohah bone pain!! But on February 25, 2011, I gave birth via C-section to the most beautiful baby girl in this world, Kenady Renee Anthony. My recovery was very easy and I was home within three days, and now post-four weeks I am totally healed and enjoying my baby. Yes she is gassy, we have too many outfits, but she is super little and wonderful!

I did elect to have the tubal and now with 3 under 3 and the craziness that brings, I am really grateful for my decision! More power to you mothers of more than three, but even three is pushing the levels of sanity for me :). My days are filled with singing the Black Eyed Peas to her, changing 20 diapers a day, watching a lot of reality TV (LOVING Celebrity Apprentice this season) and cycling her legs through her gas attacks. I have been back to work a few days a week since but am really trying to use my time to take care of Kenady and myself.

I still worry about SIDS, choking, her getting sick from the boys and her head; after having a boy with flathead I check her head every day! So far so good, but she has a lot of grooves that freak me out haha! It doesn’t matter if it’s your 1st, 3rd or 7th…you still worry.

Not that my breasts are anyone’s business BUT I am pumping full-time and it’s working out well for us. I have surpassed my longest with GG of 4 weeks and am going strong towards my 6 weeks goal and I will probably just continue even after that, as long as everything is still going smoothly. My GG and I passed a yeast infection from day 1 for 4 weeks to one another and that was brutal so I am very grateful no cracking, bleeding or discomfort for either of us. She has gained 3 pounds since birth so whatever we are doing is working!

So, I will be back to writing my toddler and baby challenges full-time in a few weeks. Thank you for all the love!

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Busybee Dinners

The second Jax could start eating solids I seriously started to stress. I am just not one of those moms who grows her own vegetables and makes organic, from scratch meals. Actually, I am not even one of those women who makes meals. While other moms are sharing recipes, I am thinking about how we can make better use of the 5-7 p.m. time we have with our kids (this week we went to the park when it was all dark outside and to the Counter for burgers).

Lucky for me, I work for and am part owner of a fresh food delivery service that has kids’ meals, Susan’s Healthy Gourmet. I kid you not and I am not just saying this because it’s my family company, I do not know what I would do without our twice weekly deliveries.

One time, and let me tell you this only happened once, I forgot to order our meals for Jax. Now like a good mother, I had bought some “back up” meals at the store just in case something like this happened. Up to this point Jax had been used to fresh fruit, bright green veggies and fresh meats. We rarely feed our kids junk food or high in sodium or sugary things. So I go to feed him this off-the-shelf dinner (I don’t want to say the brand because I don’t want to be rude BUT it was a well known brand and I am sure if you went to the baby section and saw shelf-ready meals you could figure it out) and as I open it, smell it and look at it, I say to him, “Jax I am really sorry honey.” (The peas were yellow. Ew.)

So, I deliver the meal to my child in his highchair. He looks at the food. I turn around to go back into the kitchen. I hear a “Plop. Plop. Bloop.” I turn back around and he has dumped his entire meal on the floor and then sees me and drops the plate too. Needless to say my husband and I have not since forgotten to order our Susan’s Healthy Kids meals. A usual order for us is: fresh fruit bowls, ravioli with peas and apples, turkey noodle bake with butternut squash and snow peas, meatloaf with potatoes and broccoli and pizza with celery, carrots and applesauce.

– Kerry

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If you get married, marry a good man who loves you

First off, I woke up this morning in a funk. I just felt down, which never happens to me unless I am pregnant with a female in my womb. I felt like I just wasn’t doing enough and what I was doing I was falling short, in almost everything. I won’t even go down the list with you because it’s kind of embarrassing and I am over it now, but even the surprise gift left at my doorstep full of tutu clothes and pink slippers didn’t make me feel better.

Normally, I would just clam up and say nothing and try to get through it, but this morning my hubby asked me what was wrong and I told him…every little detail…of how I was feeling. And for every silly feeling-less-than story I spewed out, he told me how wonderful I was and how happy our boys were and you know what? He actually got me out of my funk! So ladies, make sure you talk to your spouse even when you know they can’t relate. At minimum, it will help them know it’s not about them and give them information on how to tread that particular day and at most they could actually make you feel better.  🙂

– Kerry

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“Night night KK”

My 2 ½-year-old Jax kisses his baby sister (in belly) every night before bed and says, “Night night KK (her name is Kenady)”. Last night he was especially concerned that she was getting lonely in the belly all by herself. He wanted to snuggle her through the night, but well…there was a barrier in the way. So he thought the next best thing would be for her to sleep with stickers on her “home” that he put on there. Of course I had to wait until he went to sleep to take them off  🙂

– Kerry

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Sleep Anyone?: Part 4, Conclusion

Sick Baby – Well there’s nothing much you can do about this in regards to sleep. I pretty much just let them sleep snuggled next to me and it’s not usually too bad, but I may have to get up four times and I just deal with it. You can try the warm milk, rocking or other soothing techniques but I am always quite surprised that they still seem to sleep okay when sick.

Diaper rash, runny poop issues – So when my G Man gets rashes they are horrible. He usually has a runny poo along with them, which caused the rash in the first place. I check the diaper before bed and change it – IF during the night he cries, I automatically change his diaper because the rash he gets is not worth it. Although during a normal night time cry, if you ignore it he will rock himself to sleep; during runny poo time he really is crying because it hurts him. So change the diaper as much as you can and he will go right back to sleep.

So those are the things that work for us. I used to have a sleep disorder growing up so now that I have gotten over that I sleep whenever and wherever I can. All parents need to learn to do the same. Get naps where you can and split up duties so the both of you can at least get a few nights solid sleep a week.

– Kerry

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