Big boy undies, accidents & rewards, welcome to potty training!

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Working and being a mom is challenging, but I thought this part of parenting was going to be more much trying, which is why I put it off for so long. What I learned is that you can’t rush this one! After Blake took his first steps all a heard for about a year was “when are you going to cut the bottle,” or “when is he going to stop using a pacifier,” and last but not least, “when are you going to potty train?”

Well, I got the first two done pretty quickly but I could not even wrap my brain around the potty training, just the thought if it exhausted me and grossed me out! Once I got pregnant, I let the months go by and then got recommendations from my daycare people to hold off on the potty training until the new baby came. Too much change would be too much for Blake and he would end up digressing and all that work would be for nothing. What a wonderful idea, I didn’t want to do it anyway—haha!

The week before I got induced one of Blake’s teachers told me that he was showing signs that he was ready and to start packing underwear for him if we wanted to start training. Again I thought I’d wait. I am really glad I waited until he was ready and showing signs at school because it made this transition so much easier! Like I said in my previous post, the night we came home from the hospital he was ready to try going in his potty at home and went successfully. From that moment, there was no turning back and, with my mom’s help and encouragement, he was never in diapers again (except at night). He stayed home with us my first week back with Isabella and everyday my mom was taking care of me and the Isa, AND training B to use the potty (I know, she’s super woman right?).

There were, of course, many accidents but we always let him know it was okay and that we would just keep trying. We asked him if he needed to use the potty every 30 minutes or so until we knew his routine better. Every time he successfully went in the potty it was a party with lots of praise and high-fives. On the weekends we would also go shopping for a new car or small toy and made sure he knew exactly why he was being rewarded. He loved it!

It’s been about five months and he is pretty much fully potty trained (yes, it takes time). He has an accident every once in a while, but that’s okay. He is no longer in diapers at night unless he doesn’t go to the bathroom before bed or happens to go to bed unusually early. This transition takes a lot of patience but it’s not as bad as it seems, once you are in it you’re in it and there is no turning back so just embrace it :).

– Carissa


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