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I am so embarrassed that it has taken this long to say hello and to fill you in about my new life with two beautiful kids, but I will get back on track, no excuses!

I’ll start off by backtracking just a tad to let you know how everything went with delivery, nursing, potty training and the rest of the madness (this may take a few posts 🙂 ).

I am not sure if you all knew but my hope for this delivery was to have a successful VBAC. I so wanted to experience labor the way my mom had always described and the way that you always see in the movies, I felt cheated out of the “experience” when my first birth ended in a C-section and I never even got to push. I thought this time was going to give me that experience but unfortunately time was not on my side and it just wasn’t in my cards to have a natural child birth experience.

Baby Isabella!

My husband was leaving for Shanghai on March 11, but on March 4 (my 39th week doctor visit) there was still no sign of a baby coming. I chose to induce on March 6 because I simply could not bear the thought of my husband not being there to see the birth and I didn’t want to miss out on at least a day to bond together as a family.

I went to the hospital that morning and 12 hours later I had a beautiful baby girl via C-section, no regrets on the delivery method. She came out healthy and I did as well and that’s what is most important.

I was in heaven with my new baby GIRL…but our first night home with the two kids was a bit overwhelming. I am not going to lie, we just didn’t know what to do.

That first day Blake came home from school and out of nowhere wanted to use the potty.  I knew that we would finally have to start that adventure and that Blake was already fighting for our attention. I couldn’t move and I had two kids crying for me and I had to deal with watching my husband pack – can you say overload!!

Blake wears "big boy undies" now as he's learning to potty-train!

When we said good bye the following day and he walked out the door I cried like a teenager who had just been dumped, it was so intense (those hormones are no joke!). He promised the week would fly by but I knew it wouldn’t.

Lucky for me and the kids, I have a fantastic mom who came and stayed with us the entire time. As stressed as I felt, I knew that we would be okay. I’m happy to be back at work and looking forward to bringing you more updates about working and being a mom of two!

– Carissa


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