End of the Day

November 29, 2010 at 10:24 pm Leave a comment

When I think about the hardest times I have had being a mom I have to say that they have always been at the day of a work day. Blake is currently at a daycare close to home but it’s about 35 minutes from my work, which makes the commute home pretty stressful and leaves no time to waste.

This past Friday I was stressed and frustrated. I had a lot to complete at work and no time to do it. I would have loved to have stayed longer at work but my husband gets out later and is unable to pick Blake up from school so I don’t have that “luxury.” I was frustrated that I couldn’t stay and left late…not the best way to leave.

I got to Blake on time but he was the last one there and for some reason that kills me. He was happy as a clam to see me and that, as always, made my day. Now here is the part where I wish I could understand the mind of a two-year-old —  there are these pictures up on the wall at school and every night before we go home we stop and look at them and he points out his friends and teachers, he loves it. Well, Friday all the teachers were following us out and I told him that we would look at the pictures on Monday because everyone was going home. He was NOT okay with this! By the time we got to the car he was so worked up and pissed that he would not get in his car seat. I tried everything to get him to sit, everything, but he refused. I got the top straps buckled and he just slouched the rest of his body in protest. I asked nicely and I asked in a stern tone but nothing worked. I was so frustrated (and pregnant) that finally I just broke down in tears…I didn’t know what to do and I just wanted to get home after a long week.

I thought about driving home with him half unbuckled but I couldn’t!! I did however drive to a different spot, one that was better lit and I just parked it, and I figured we would just wait it out. My husband called on his way home and heard in my voice that I was not okay, when I tried explaining what had just occurred and why I was just crying it sounded so lame! He made me feel better anyway.

Blake and I got out and walked around the plaza for a bit and this seemed to help. When I thought he was finally ready I tried getting him in again, it was still a fight but I won this time. He cried the whole way home and I just drove wondering why he was so furious. I will never know.

All I can do is try my hardest to leave work on time so that I am relax and re-energized by the time I get to his daycare so that I can be somewhat prepared to handle my two-year-old child. Oh the joys of being a Mom!

– Carissa


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